RideSafer 3 Gen.3 Grey Large

RideSafer 3 Gen.3 Grey Large

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Brand: Safe Traffic System
Product Code: JD15200GYB
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Please note this is a discontinued item but still under factory warranty.



RIDESAFER®3 Vest Gen.3 has dynamically tested under the dynamic test conditions prescribed in FMVSS 213 as part of their due care procedures. RIDESAFER®3 Vest Gen.3 uses the description “Tested to FMVSS 213” to advise the public that the product has been tested.

The RIDESAFER®3 Vest Gen.3 has only one use mode, use as a vehicle belt positioner and is used only with a vehicle lap and shoulder belt..RideSafer3 provided in a small and large size for children 30 to 60 lbs. and 50 to 80 lbs. respectively


Lap-Shoulder Belt Mode Tested to FMVSS213
Range of Dimensions
Small 3 to 6 Y.O 30 to 60 lbs (15.9 - 27.2kg) 34 - 53 inches (86.4 - 134.6cm)
Large 5 to 8 Y.O 50 - 80 lbs (22.7 - 36.3kg) 45 - 57 inches (114 - 145cm)
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