RideSafer 3 Gen.3 Pink Small
RideSafer 3 Gen.3 Pink Small

RideSafer 3 Gen.3 Pink Small

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Brand: Safe Traffic System
Product Code: JD15100PWB
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Please note this is a discontinued item but still under factory warranty.

(3 to 6 year old)
30 - 60 lbs 34 - 53 inches
15.9 - 27.2 kg 86.4 - 134.6 cm


Key Features

- Improved safety & design over currently available products
- Vehicle belt positioned in front of child
- Use in any rear seating position with lap and shoulder belt.
- Portable, Compact and Easy to use.
- Reflective trim for low light conditions.
- A child restraint system that older children want to use.

Innovative Design Elements

- Reduced head and knee excursion
- Reposition lap belt below abdomen, protecting organs
- Reposition shoulder belt away from child’s neck
- Energy absorbing design
- Foam, energy absorbing lamination





RIDESAFER®3 has dynamically tested under the dynamic test conditions prescribed in FMVSS 213 as part of their due care procedures. RIDESAFER®3 Vest Gen.3 uses the description “Tested to FMVSS 213” to advise the public that the product has been tested.

The RIDESAFER®3 has only one use mode, use as a vehicle belt positioner and is used only with a vehicle lap and shoulder belt

Lap & Shoulder Belt Mode



Safety matters ALWAYS!

Showing test results with a dummy which was used with RideSafer®3. It proves RideSafer®3 meets or exceeds all Federal standards (FMVSS213)

RideSafer®3 Tested to FMVSS 213 Vehicle Lap-Shoulder belt mode
Injury Criteria FMVSS 213 requirement 3 YO III dummy 6 YO III dummy
Head excursion 32 inch max 15.6 16.3
Knee target excursion 36 inch max 18.8 20.2
Head injury criterion 1000 max 476 672
Chest Acceleration 0.13 lbs max 0.1 0.1


Certifications & Awards











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